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The San Francisco Arch Wrought Iron Doors

The San Francisco Arch: Uniquely Elegant Wrought Iron Entry Doors

The timeless beauty and intricate design of wrought iron entry doors has made them a perennial classic among homeowners. The San Francisco Arch from Pinky’s is a beautiful double door with a uniquely shaped, spaciously wide design. Its beautiful, meandering scroll design is inspired by distinctive San Francisco architecture, adding to your home’s value and curb appeal with gorgeous yet contemporary ironwork. All of the wrought iron doors at Pinky’s are manufactured with an insulating polyurethane foam core, providing superior temperature protecting during bitter winter nights and sweltering summer afternoons. The panels of glass in these wrought iron entry doors are energy-efficient, limiting the ability of heat energy to flow through the door into your home. These solidly built iron doors provide value for years to come with an artful combination of aesthetically beautiful and utilitarian, energy-efficient design.

Features and Specs:

The San Francisco Arch wrought iron entry doors are built from strong, expertly manufactured metal, offering not only beauty, but superior security and protection for your home. They feature:

  • 2″ thickness
  • Hand forged 12 gauge steel in the frame
  • 5/8 decorative steel in the decorative design
  • Pre-drilled holes to house secure locking mechanisms
  • Polyurethane insulating foam
  • Weather stripping on the doors and glass, keeping your beautiful new wrought iron doors protected from the elements
  • Dual-Glazed Glass, providing superior climate control and insulation from outdoor noise pollution
  • Hand-applied finishes and primers
  • Heavy-duty hinges

These doors are impressively heavy, solid, and sizeable. Their most popular measurements:

  • Depth (assembled): 6 Inches
  • Width (assembled): 61 inches
  • Height (assembled): 81 inches
  • Thickness: 2 inches
  • Hinges: 4
  • Weight: 300+ pounds

Pros and Cons:

If you’re looking for unique wrought iron doors with elegant design and high quality construction, the San Francisco Arch is a beautiful choice to add a unique decor element to any home. Its size and solid construction can be an advantage or a disadvantage. However, some homeowners may not want such a heavy door, both in physical weight and in visual design. It also has an unusual arching shape, a gentle curve with relatively sharp corners. This unusual shape may make it difficult to install in the front doorways of some homes, so it’s important to measure before you buy. Pinky’s Iron Doors provides a useful measuring guide that walks you through an accurate measurement process.

One of the biggest advantages of these doors is their truly unique design. Wrought iron doors are relatively unusual to begin with, helping even a relatively “generic” house to stand out in comparison to its neighbors. The size, shape, and intricate ironwork of the San Francisco Arch are probably quite unlike most of the doors in your neighborhood. Although at $3,448, they’re a significant investment, their handcrafted quality is well worth it. Installing a door with such a unique combination of functional features and visual appeal can actually add to your home’s curb appeal, increasing its market value. Even if you decide to sell your home in the future, the San Francisco Archway makes a great first impression as people walk up to your home